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Kaysie Ingram



My Story

Hello, My name is Kaysie Ingram. I joined Scentsy in February of 2015! It's been an Amazing 9 years! I joined the scentsy family because I was hosting parties often and I loved the products, what better reason is there other than wanting to share my love of scentsy with everyone. Scentsy has blessed our lives in ways I could never imagine. It has given us the ability for me to stay home with my 3 children, pay for multiple sports, travel and even has brought our family closer. I have gained so many new friendships and have met people I wouldn’t have had I not been apart of this journey. If your looking for extra income, new friendships and a whole lot of fun, I would love to have you join my team! If you have and questions feel free to contact me anytime.  

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